Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Just Revamped my House With New Doors!

Hey Guys! Just had a change within my new house in Warrington so i thought i would tell you all about it.

So the old doors we're looking a little tatty and i thought it would be time for a change. I never knew it would be so difficult to choose doors. There are so many different designs, style and colours and they can be made out of so many varieties of wood.
So after a little looking round i come across this one company that was local and seemed to fit the description i would expect from a door manufacturer (what ever that is anyway) but they come across so friendly and seemed the genuine article. Did you know that doors can be green? I certainly never! They can be made from sustainable sources meaning what is taken is put back, more then often more is put back then is taken which i think is amazing and i guess it has amazing benefits for the environment!
They emphasized the fact they was local and all their materials are locally sourced. I didn't see the point in this as i didn't think it was relevant but then they told me this cuts their carbon emissions which once again is beneficial for the environment.
Moving on to the installation it was quick and simple and was done to the highest of standards and the service was with a smile. I literally have nothing to complain about! (and they cleaned up after themselves!) A truly pleasant experience which caused no inconvenience to me at all. The best part is the place now looks great with the wonderful new doors.
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